Ants are insects that live in colonies. If there are ants in the house, they will not only cause discomfort by crawling into the food, but the ants will also attack people. Some ant bites are very painful and their venom can cause serious allergies.

Besides, ants are agents of many infectious diseases such as diarrhea, smallpox, etc. When ants crawl into the food, they can bring many toxic substances that cause food poisoning. Therefore, when you have ants in the house, you should find ways to chase them to avoid the risks mentioned above.

This article will reveal some ways to get rid of ants quickly and safely for your home. No insecticide is needed, just easy-to-find and safe items like duct tape, chalk, lemon juice, etc. you will protect your food and home from ants.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice not only has a beauty effect as you think, but lemon juice can also chase ants very well. You dilute the lemon juice with a ratio 1:2 or use pure lemon juice to spread around the ant nest. The acid in the lemon will make the ants chaotic.


You can use chalk to draw around the ant area, this way is very quick, easy and very effective.


The ants are looking for sugar jars in your kitchen. Let deceive them with a little pepper: Sprinkle pepper on the way ants look for food, they will think that there is no sugar ahead.

If you find an ant nest near your kitchen, put some pepper on it and the ants will have to leave.


You can mix two-third vinegar and one-third water in a spray bottle. Then, you spray vinegar solution around the ant nest, they will not dare to go out for fear of smell. In addition, you can spray vinegar in any area of ​​the house, such as windows, doors, to prevent the entry of ants.


Many people have succeeded in keeping ants out of their homes with coffee grounds. After discovering their paths and nests, you sprinkle coffee grounds on that spot, the ants will be scared away.

You can also leave the coffee grounds around the indoor walkway, which will surely stop ants from coming back to your home.

Essential oil of orange

Essential oils extracted from orange peel can prevent the infiltration of ants. You spray orange essential oil along the path of the ant nest a few minutes and then clean it. The smell of orange essential oil clears the smell of ants and makes them unable to follow the old path to their nest.

Plastic box

You feel helpless when the ants step on the picnic table or climb the table at picnic parties. You can prevent them by placing table legs in plastic boxs and filling them with water.

Baby powder

You can take advantage of the baby powder left over and sprinkle around the porch, doors, windows or any location where ants appear.

Double-sided tape

To protect the cake box or sweets on the shelf, you can create a “ditch” around the object to be protected by sticking tape on top. The ants who accidentally step in will be stuck in place.

Wheat flour

You sprinkle a line of wheat flour around the pantry or anywhere in the house where you see ants. Ants will not want to go through this powder to reach the target.


You can spread cinnamon powder around the place where the ant nest. Or you can use cinnamon essential oil to spray around doors, windows, floors, etc. to avoid ants. In addition, you can also combine cinnamon with cloves to chase ants and help the house always cool fresh.

Soda powder

You sprinkle baking soda powder into every gap in your house to prevent ants from coming inside. Alternatively, you can mix the baking soda and sugar in equal proportions, add a small amount of dry yeast. Sugar will attract ants, while baking soda is a poison that can kill these insects when they eat it.

Surely you will chase ants easily after applying this article “How to get rid of ants in house without using chemicals?” with the materials available in your home.