Ants are usually one of the most annoying insects that exist. Although most of the time they are harmless, sometimes they can cause serious problems. They can literally appear anywhere. In our houses it is common to find them near kitchen areas where they can ruin our food by contaminating it with bacteria. It is also common to find them in our garden, where they can destroy our plants and crops. Others can cause damage to our structures when their colonies grow to uncontrollable levels.

Let’s remember that a colony consist of thousands of ants and its queen is able to lay thousands of eggs that in turn will become more ants. Each and everyone will be eager to enter and invade our home. Worker ants are the most common. They are responsible for maintaining the colony and seeking food. They are ingeniously skillful and able to track the smallest particles of food. So, the findings of a small ant can translate into a large invasion within a few minutes.

There are many insecticides formulated for the eradication of ants, however, it is not very healthy to fill your home with chemicals that can eventually become much more harmful to your health. For this reason, we often rely on other natural ways and remedies to attack these annoying invaders, especially when it comes to getting rid of ants in our kitchen where we handle our food.

Below we will focus on how to get rid of ants in the kitchen and will give you hints to keep your entire household ant free using natural remedies.


Mint is a plant that will keep your home free of ants and other insects due to its strong aroma. There are three ways to get the most out of mint. First, we can plant mint around our house or keep a small plant in our kitchen to get rid of them. Another way is to put several drops of mint essential oil on cotton balls and hide them inside cabinets and other places you have seen ants around. Also we can mix 10 drops of mint essential oil in a cup of water and spray it into slits, doors, windows and countertops.


The strong smell of cinnamon is something that ants just can’t tolerate. To use it you can sprinkle cinnamon powder in places where you have seen the ants or directly over their anthills. You can also use cinnamon essential oil. As with mint oil, you can put several drops on a cotton or make a mixture of several drops of oil with water to spray and rub on doors, windows, crevices or ant trails.


Vinegar is another excellent and cheap option to use against ants. Its high acidity level can kill them. You should make a mixture of equal parts of vinegar and water. The vinegar will also help to eliminate the odors left by the ants on the surfaces, so they will disappear when they lose their trail to come back.


Lemon acts much like vinegar, removing the odors of ant trails from surfaces. Make a solution by mixing 1-part lemon juice with 3 parts water. Spray this mixture on the perimeters of your home and wherever you see ants. In addition, lemon will leave a pleasant aroma in your home.

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

These are the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. It is an excellent ant repellent as its microscopic razor-sharp edges can cut through the ants’ exoskeleton causing their death. Simply sprinkle some of the dust daily in places most frequented by ants such as cabinets, slits, trash cans or under refrigerators, until they disappear.

Black pepper or Cayenne pepper

Like cinnamon, cayenne and black pepper also act against ants because of their strong smell. In addition, pepper has a compound known as capsaicin that is very irritating to ants, which makes it very effective to get rid of these annoying invaders. You can use it in two ways. Mixing it with water to spray the places where ants are most active, or you can sprinkle it directly over them. This solution is used to create a wall that prevents them from entering your home.

Chalk or Baby Powder

It is an effective and inexpensive remedy. Chalk and baby powder contain talc, which is a natural repellent. For this reason ants avoid crossing over lines made of chalk. In addition, both chalk and baby powder serve to destroy the odors of ant trails. You can use it to draw lines around places where you have seen ants entering your house.

Corn Flour

Corn flour is a product that in addition to destroying the odors of ant trails, it also causes their death, as the ants are unable to digest it. To use it, make a mixture of corn flour with water and shape it into small balls. Place these balls in strategic places around the house where you have seen the ants.

These natural remedies can be very effective when it comes to getting rid of annoying ants, but above all they are cheap and easy to perform. We hope they will be your best ally in your war against ants.